Top Reasons Newbie Runners Should Rotate Their Running Shoes


When you pick up running for the first time, the only thing on your mind will be improving endurance. However, the first thing you should think about is a proper pair of running shoes. Quality running shoes are the cornerstone of injury-free running. However, sports podiatrists advise that one pair of running shoes is not enough, even for amateur runners. You need at least two pairs of running shoes, especially if you run at least four times a week.

10 January 2022

How Custom Orthotics Can Treat Foot Bursitis in Runners


Whether you're a professional marathon runner or a weekend jogger, running is a great way to stay in shape both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, running is also a high-impact exercise, and pounding the pavement for miles on end can cause damage to your feet over time. Bursitis of the feet is a common condition in both amateur and professional runners and can be quite painful and debilitating if it goes untreated.

1 June 2021

Types of Foot Pain That Should Prompt You to Visit a Podiatrist Immediately


Foot health, unfortunately, is not a priority for many people and this typically stems from the fact that this body part is highly resilient. Not only do feet carry a considerable amount of weight daily but they are also exposed to harsh environments such as tight shoes, excessive moisture and more. Thus, it is unsurprising that without the right care, problems are bound to eventually crop up. While some foot issues are painless and can take a while to notice, others will manifest with severe pain.

28 December 2020

4 Surefire Ways To Prevent And Manage Leg Cramps During Pregnancy


During the first trimester, you may have had to deal with morning sickness, and you were probably only too glad to cross over to the next trimester. Except, things haven't been as smooth as you would have hoped for since you have had to deal with foot pain, and specifically leg cramps. Leg cramps and the associated foot pain is quite common among pregnant women in their second and last trimesters.

22 November 2019

3 Types of Pain that Warrant a Podiatrist's Visit for New Runners


If you have just started running as a hobby as a way to keep fit, then you should know that you will be giving your feet a hell of a lot of pounding if you maintain the undertaking as a lifestyle. Every step will put your body's entire weight on your feet, and if you consider that a 1km run requires approximately 1,700 steps, it is easy to see why most new runners succumb to injuries early on.

2 July 2019

Pregnancy and Foot Health: 3 Ways to Prevent Foot Pain


One of the problems that women are bound to encounter during pregnancy is swelling of the feet. This issue occurs due to the accumulation of fluid in the feet, and it can cause pain and severe discomfort. Also, it may happen when you engage in physical activity during the pregnancy period. Due to the additional weight of the baby, a lot of pressure is exerted on the feet and heels when you walk, and this can cause foot pain.

25 April 2018

Suffering From Heel Pain? Here Are a Couple of Typical Reasons Why


When you develop heel pain, your first instinct may be to think that it has manifested out of the blue, especially if you do not physically exert yourself on a routine basis through exercise, running and so on. However, the onset of heel pain does not only come about due to sudden straining of your legs. The sum total of stresses that your body endures on a day-to-day basis can eventually lead to heel pain, too.

10 April 2018