Types of Foot Pain That Should Prompt You to Visit a Podiatrist Immediately


Foot health, unfortunately, is not a priority for many people and this typically stems from the fact that this body part is highly resilient. Not only do feet carry a considerable amount of weight daily but they are also exposed to harsh environments such as tight shoes, excessive moisture and more. Thus, it is unsurprising that without the right care, problems are bound to eventually crop up. While some foot issues are painless and can take a while to notice, others will manifest with severe pain. Understanding the type of pain helps with identifying the underlying issue while also determining if medical intervention is required. Below are just two types of foot pain symptomatic of disorders that should be attended to by a podiatrist immediately.

Tingling sensations

Tingling in your foot is typically indicative of neuropathy. In most cases, the neuropathy comes about due to diabetes and if one does not seek medical intervention in time, it could eventually lead to severe complications. When your blood sugar is high, these increased levels will gradually harm your blood vessels and nervous system. A common symptom of this is a progressive loss of feeling in your extremities. While numbness may seem like an innocuous symptom, it does pose a serious problem if your feet are to acquire an injury, such as a cut or a sore, as you will not notice it. Thus, the wound could get infected, leading to an abscess or other complications. Tingling may also be accompanied by a burning pain in your feet, which is also symptomatic of diabetic neuropathy. Not only should you visit a podiatrist immediately but you should also schedule routine appointments to maintain healthy feet.

Sharp pain

Another type of pain that you may experience in your feet that is emblematic of an underlying problem is sharp sensations. The shooting pain can come about early in the morning the moment you put your feet on the ground or could be recurring when you are exerting your feet more than usual, for instance, if you have recently picked up a new sport such as running. The thing to note about shooting pain is that it can come about due to an array of reasons so the cause must be diagnosed early to ensure you are not putting your feet at risk of an exacerbated injury. For example, if the sharp pain is limited to your heel, it could mean that you are developing a heel spur. If this is not caught early, you may require surgical intervention to eliminate this growth. Alternatively, if the shooting pain is targeted at your arch, you have likely developed plantar fasciitis.

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28 December 2020

Podiatry for children

My son has always been an eager athletics competitor. He loves to run and jump, and especially loves to be the winner. He has been getting a lot of foot pain recently, and I wasn't sure if it was due to growing pains or if he'd been exercising too much. Luckily we found a great pediatric podiatrist who has been able to help him treat the pain and get some new foot inserts and shoes so that he doesn't keep having issues. This blog is all about podiatry for children and should be great for other parents with active kids.