Top Reasons Newbie Runners Should Rotate Their Running Shoes


When you pick up running for the first time, the only thing on your mind will be improving endurance. However, the first thing you should think about is a proper pair of running shoes. Quality running shoes are the cornerstone of injury-free running. However, sports podiatrists advise that one pair of running shoes is not enough, even for amateur runners. You need at least two pairs of running shoes, especially if you run at least four times a week. This article highlights the top reasons newbie runners should rotate their running shoes.

Eliminate Muscle Imbalances – Running on one pair of shoes for a long time causes premature wear in certain spots depending on your gait. Such wear leads to muscle imbalances in the body, exposing you to injuries. The reason is that muscle imbalance overloads one type of muscle while weakening the rest, especially in repetitive movements. The best way to eliminate muscle imbalance is to invest in two or more pairs of running shoes. Rotating running shoes slows down wear and prevents overload on muscles. Consequently, it eliminates muscle imbalances and reduces the risk of injury.

Enjoy Cushioned Running -- Quality cushioning is one of the most critical features of running shoes. However, prolonged usage causes the cushioning to deteriorate, exposing you to stress on the shins and under the sole. It might explain why most newbies stop running when they start experiencing pain. The only way to slow down wear on running shoe cushioning is to switch between pairs on different running days. Wearing one pair of running shoes once a week goes a long way in preserving the cushioning, allowing you to enjoy your exercise. Moreover, comfortable feet and legs do not easily tire while running, enabling you to cover more miles and improve your performance. Therefore, if you want to enjoy your runs, invest in two or three pairs of running shoes and rotate them.

Match Shoes to Runs -- Most newbie runners do not know that running shoes are not universal. Notably, most sports shoes brands design and produce shoes specifically meant for running. For instance, some shoes are specially designed for long-distance running while others are suitable for short-distance races. Therefore, using short-distance shoes for long-distance running only ruins them and exposes you to injuries. However, it is unlikely to happen if you have the right type of shoes for each of the different running activities on your exercise regimen. All you have to do is match your running shoes to the race you want to embark on.

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10 January 2022

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