Sever's Disease: Symptoms And Treatment Approach


Sever's disease causes heel pain due to inflammation of the cartilage between the growth plates in the heel. Sever's disease doesn't affect adults, as the growth plates join together in adulthood. It is most commonly seen in children who are having a growth spurt or are very active. The condition can also occur when a child has collapsed foot arches, as the angle of their foot arches can affect their surrounding tendons and put strain on the Achilles tendon at the back of the heel.

17 November 2016

Freiberg's Infraction: Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment Approach


Freiberg's infraction is an inflammatory condition that affects the second metatarsal, which is the thin bone that runs along the top of your foot and connects your ankle to your second toe. It occurs due to a loss of blood supply to the end of the metatarsal, and it's typically seen in children and teenagers during growth spurts when the metatarsal head comes under pressure, but it can also be caused by trauma and repetitive strain.

16 November 2016