3 Types of Pain that Warrant a Podiatrist's Visit for New Runners


If you have just started running as a hobby as a way to keep fit, then you should know that you will be giving your feet a hell of a lot of pounding if you maintain the undertaking as a lifestyle. Every step will put your body's entire weight on your feet, and if you consider that a 1km run requires approximately 1,700 steps, it is easy to see why most new runners succumb to injuries early on. For this reason, it is advisable for runners to see a podiatrist regularly to improve their running techniques and consequently prevent foot injuries. Unfortunately, most new runners ignore pain because they mistake it to be the body's normal reaction to the new stress. While this might be true, some pain is an indication of something serious. This article highlights signs that the pain you are feeling is worth visiting a podiatrist. 

Pain Affects Daily Activities — When you start running, you are going to experience pain under your feet — but this should subside over the next few days. However, if the pain seems to drag on and affects your daily chores such as walking to your nearest store, then it is time you see a podiatrist. Additionally, you are more likely to stop running if it is near-impossible to walk the following day. Therefore, if you book an appointment with a qualified podiatrist, the professional will recommend rest strategies that will have you running again in no time, and you will no longer have to worry about going up the stairs to your apartment.

Pain that Changes Your Gait — Based on individual skeletal structures, different people have different standing, walking and running gaits. Therefore, if you have pain on a particular part of your foot, it is only natural to avoid placing weight on that particular foot. Consequently, it will force you to change your walking and running gait. Unfortunately, changes in gait places stress on neighbouring muscles and tendons as an overcompensation mechanism. If, after taking up running, you notice that the pain is causing you to walk unnaturally, then give your podiatrist a call. 

Pain Causes Tingling or Numbness — Tingling and numbness are the last things that any runner wishes to experience as part of pain resulting from their newfound hobby. If your leg goes numb intermittently, then it loses the ability to feel pain. Therefore, you can easily injure your feet while running without you realizing. Tingling, on the other hand, can be irritating, and most runners resort to running some more as a way to address the tingling sensation. However, doing this increases the risk of injuries. If you feel numb and tingling sensations, see a podiatrist immediately for a long-lasting remedy. 


2 July 2019

Podiatry for children

My son has always been an eager athletics competitor. He loves to run and jump, and especially loves to be the winner. He has been getting a lot of foot pain recently, and I wasn't sure if it was due to growing pains or if he'd been exercising too much. Luckily we found a great pediatric podiatrist who has been able to help him treat the pain and get some new foot inserts and shoes so that he doesn't keep having issues. This blog is all about podiatry for children and should be great for other parents with active kids.