Foot Health: Understanding the Possible Treatments for Bunions


One of the common disorders of the foot is hallux valgus, or bunions. This is a deformity in which a bony prominence is formed at the base of the toe, usually the big toe. Often, the affected big toe will face inwards towards the adjacent second toe. In general, this can be attributed to the misalignment of the internal bone structure.

If you have bunions, you might notice inflammation at the toe base, and this can become infected. Pain is also not uncommon, so you might experience difficulty walking. In addition, you might eventually develop arthritis in the toes. Therefore, consider using one of the outlined treatment methods for the bunions.


You can ease the pain of bunions by using special inserts inside the shoes or even around the bunions. These inserts are medically referred to as foot orthoses and more commonly known as orthotics. Basically, the objective of this device is to reduce the weight exerted on the affected toe to reduce pain. This will also limit the unnecessary movement of the joint and even help in realigning the toe. For the best results, it is critical for you to have orthoses that fit properly over your foot. Therefore, you should consult a podiatrist for advice on the best device to purchase. The expert can also make custom orthotics.

OTC Solutions

If you are experiencing significant pain, you should consider purchasing over-the-counter medication. For example, paracetamol and even ibuprofen are favourable for easing the discomfort. You should note that all pharmaceutical solutions have side effects. Therefore, read the leaflet included in the medicine package to understand the adverse reactions. In addition, you should not use painkillers for long-term management.

You can also purchase non-pharmaceutical solutions for your bunions in most pharmacies. Bunion pads are special products made of gel or even fleece. These are designed to be stuck over the bunions such that the joint is cushioned to relieve pressure. You can also use bunion splints to straighten the misaligned joint.

Surgical Intervention

Surgery can be utilised to completely resolve the toe deformity. This is an important treatment option for individuals with advanced bunions; these are usually large and extremely painful. Your doctor might recommend surgery if the hallux valgus is affecting your general quality of life. The common procedures performed involve the removal of part of the toe bone or fusing the misaligned joint. The surgery may be carried out under local or general anaesthetic. 


14 February 2017

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